See What We’ve Been Doing!

Washing of the feet

Growing in Faith and Light Weekend

Thanks, Margaret for leading us in prayer.
It was good to have L’Arche folks with us.
Tim and Marie gave us a wonderful week-end.

We were joined by L’Arche and friends from out of town.

Preparing to “re-live” the Gospel

Getting together Friday night at St. Pius.

Faith and Light St. Louis shared a formation weekend Oct 11-13, 2019.  The theme: Growing Together in Faith and Light was explored in talks, reflection times, shared meals, activities and a wonderful “re-living” the scripture of Jesus’ parable of the guests invited to the wedding feast, on our final day together. Our formation time was led by Tim and Maria Cecelia Buckley who shared over 40 years experiences living the vocation of L’Arche and Faith and Light.  Tim and Maria Cecelia inspired us by their presence, joy, faith and friendship and reinforced the conviction that we are called to accompany one another as Christian friends in community.  The Faith and Light community is for each one of us, and each one of us, brings unique gifts to the community.  We are inspired and encouraged by the time spent deepening our commitment to the friendships in Faith and Light.  Thank you Tim and Maria Cecelia! 

January 28, 2020
Hilda Nana in her traditional dress.

Day of Reflection 2/13/2020

Making the candle.
The Gospel Mime.

2021 Picnic
Theme: We are the body of Christ.

We were able to participate as a group in the craft portion of the Provincial gathering 2022.

Claire shows off her craft cross.
Working on crafts during the provincial meeting weekend.
Everybody got into the act.
It was great to work together live.


Picnic theme: “We’re all tied together.”

It was good to have Faith and Light and L’Arche “All tied together.”